where does your money go?

The Daedalus Foundation does not provide cash donations to organizations or individuals, thereby avoiding any chance that the donations would be used for purposes other than that for which they were intended.

Daedalus donates disaster preparedness and response supplies to ensure that they will be used by the intended parties.

Rather than sending money for general purposes, we will concentrate upon identifiable projects—projects that you will be able to find on the map—and know that you are a part. There will be opportunities to volunteer. If interested, contact us.

our principles

Three components are of primary importance to the projects undertaken by Daedalus: they must have a humanitarian basis, be environmentally sound, and promote sustainable economic growth.

The daedalus foundation

The Daedalus Foundation was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA, in 1998, as a non-profit, charitable organization and was subsequently accorded tax-exempt--501 (c) (3) status--by the US Internal Revenue Service.

primary Mission areas

povertyThe Daedalus Foundation is an action-oriented, charitable organization that concentrates upon population-related matters. As our global population grows, many situations and events are greatly exaggerated by the absolute numbers of people involved. Today, Daedalus has three primary mission areas: humanitarian assistance, disaster response, and poverty reduction.

Accomplishing objectives in Daedalus' areas of interest depends upon myriad factors including: disaster risk reducttion; enhanced disaster response preparedness; creation, maintainance, and restoration of community; and, sustainable, local economic growth.

mission statement

What we do
The Daedalus Foundation is an action-oriented charitable organization.

Daedalus' activities are focused upon projects of primary importance to humanity and the environment—and to promote sustainable economic growth—principally in developing areas. 


population matters

Population Matters

Daedalus concentration upon a population-related matters observes the impact that population has upon our daily lives--particularly in disasters.

Current estimates on population growth vary, particularly by country, more than at any time in history. 
In general, the literature reflects that it took from creation until around 1830 for one billion people to inhabit the earth. From that point, it only took one hundred years to add another billion. By 1960, there were three billion people in the world. On October 12, 2000, the world, led by the United Nations and private organizations such as the Population Institute, in Washington, DC, acknowledged the symbolic birth of the six billionth living human being. In October of 2011, a population of seven billion was celebrated.  

ethical standards

Tiffany Fund

The Daedalus Foundation observes the highest ethical standards of professional and personal performance and demands the same from its associates and suppliers. For more information, contact Daedalus.