selected applications of daedalus' housing materials

  • Emergency response shelters
  • Emergency and temporary medical facilities
  • Low-cost housing solutions
  • SafeHaven communities

emergency response shelter

Daedalus polymer composite panels are ideal for providing shelter in emergencies that can transition into permanent housing. To view the assembly sequence of a structure, click here.

emergency and temporary medical facilities

Daedalus successfully demonstrated the application of its polymer-composite panels to this role under contract with the US Departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security. eitsView video.

low-cost housing solutions

This application is particularly relevant at this time as one of the best examples is in Haiti in the Homes for Haiti Ministry established by Lifeline Christian Mission. See photos

safehaven communities--

The SafeHaven Community concept was originated in response to the rapidly expanding and overwhelming number of orphans of HIV/AIDS that exist in sub-Saharan Africa. View background.

There are many areas in the world that have suffered from natural hazards, or man-made disasters that could benefit from the application of this low-cost community housing concept.

housing and water poverty reduction

The Daedalus Foundation's focus upon reducing housing poverty originated in an attempt to help alleviate two of the world’s intractable and growing, population-related problems: those associated with the disposal of municipal solid waste, and the vast world homeless population for whom there is a critical shortage of adequate shelter and low-cost housing.  From those problems, a new material was created--panels made from recycled plastic. Recycling substantial quantities of plastic waste turns their non-biodegradable liability into an asset: polymer structures rely upon one of the strengths of plastics that make their disposal so problematic: they last forever! Daedalus' award-winning and patented polymer panels provide the most economical building system available that provides structural integrity, projected longevity, and--for those living in housing poverty--a sense of dignity.

"Water is the basis of life, and our stewardship of it will determine not only the quality but the staying power of human societies." Water problems affect approximately half of humanity. The impact of a lack of clean water is wide-ranging and is much more serious than an inconvenience: approximately 1.5 billion people live in water poverty, and close to half of all the people in developing countries suffer from water-borne illnesses--with the greatest impact being in the area of child mortality. One simply cannot survey the environments of the poor in this world and not be struck by the impact of the lack of fresh water and sanitation.

water systems


Daedalus' systems are engineered to meet specific requirements.

Engineered Systems are those specifically designed and produced to meet the specific requirements of the situation in which they will be employed. Taking an approach analogous to combining technologies in the fashion of computer hardware systems integrators, "engineered systems" are customized to solve specific problems. Engineered systems can be fabricated in many sizes, shapes, and configurations from quite small counter-top laboratory units, to larger systems for towns or villages.

Daedalus’ principal objective is to combine technology to produce systems to provide clean drinking water at the community level. *Systems in the range of 25 gallons per minute would provide 36,000 gallons of water per day, which is 5-7 gallons per day for 5-7,000 people.


polymer panels


Daedalus' affiliate developed and produced  award winning and patented polymer composite panels that are used by the Foundation.

Daedalus polymer composite panels were developed in response to the worldwide shortage of affordable, quality housing. The panels are produced from recycled polymers and are a low- cost, strong and durable material for construction of housing and other structures.
Daedalus' patented polymer panels provide the most economical building system available that provides structural integrity, projected longevity, and--for those living in housing poverty--a sense of dignity.

metal panels

Daedalus' metal composite panels.

Manufactured from galvanized steel, with a polyurethane foam core, the metal-composite panels are directed toward a slightly higher socio-economic level that those of the polymer panels. They provide an insulated, structural material suitable for low-to-high income housing requirements..

The challenge facing those attempting to alleviate housing poverty through technological means is to develop a way to change the situation for the greatest number, in the shortest period of time, and in a manner that can be sustained. That framework must make housing affordable to the poor. One element of that affordability is low-cost materials. However, ffordable material is only one aspect; the material must be accompanied by the creation of community and sustainable economic growth. Ultimately, all large-scale, low-cost housing projects are political and must have political support.