become involved - join daedalus in helping victims of poverty and disaster

The Daedalus Foundation welcomes volunteers to assist in the operation of the organization or to help in times of extraordinary humanitarian crises in which the Foundation is involved. Please contact Daedalus to determine the best manner to become involved.

how can you help?

The initial devastation in Pakistan is being met with enormous global emergency response to provide those affected with basic needs.   

Relief, restoration, and recovery of Pakistan will be a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process

use of donated funds

Daedalus does not donate funds to any country, organization, or individual. Daedalus applies donated funds to a variety of activities, including: disaster risk reduction; enhanced response preparedness; capacity building; reduction of housing and water poverty; and disaster relief.

Please join Daedalus in both an immediate and sustained effort to prepare, respond, and recover from the nearly 300 disasters that occur each year and donate now! 

 Rather than sending money for general purposes, we will concentrate upon identifiable projects—projects that you will be able to find on the map—and know that you are a part. There will be opportunities to volunteer. If interested, contact us.

activities - The daedalus foundation

The principal activities of The Daedalus Foundation are humanitarian assistance, disaster response, and reduction of housing and water poverty.

Accomplishing objectives in Daedalus' areas of interest depends upon myriad factors and supplemental activities, including: disaster risk reduction; capacity building for enhanced disaster response preparedness; creation, maintainance, and restoration of community; and, sustainable economic growth.

humanitarian assistance

Humanitarian assistance extends to a broad spectrum of activities directed at attempting to satisfy human needs—often under the most trying circumstances--including the Foundation's current focus upon disaster relief and housing and water poverty reduction.

Most commonly, requirements for humanitarian assistance arise as a result of man-made or natural events of sufficient magnitude to cause a breakdown in a society’s ability to meet the basic needs for food, water, shelter, or the health of its population.  Those events can be either rapid onset; such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods, or slow onset; such as drought and famine, and may include the realm of complex emergencies wherein politico-military and socio-economic instability creates or compounds the societal breakdown by adding safety and security concerns.

As our global population grows, many situations and events are greatly exaggerated by the absolute numbers of people involved.  Among the most important issues, and those upon which Daedalus is currently focused, are housing poverty reduction, water poverty reduction, and sanitation. Solutions to those problems are best addressed in the framework of the creation of community and sustainable economic growth..

disaster response

Daedalus is preparing to field tailored disaster response kits that are geographically, culturally, nutritionally, environmentally sensitive, and appropriate to the needs of victims of disasters. 

The line of tailored disaster response supplies will include supplies to meet requirements for: shelter, first aid and public health, nutrition, and community-related supplies.

Donations can be general or they can be directed toward a specific type of response supply.

shelter and housing

A component of the emegency relief supplies will be a shelter, which is suited for the geography, environment, and season.

Daedalus activites in these related areas stem from the Foundation's experience in disaster response.

All other things aside, recovery and restoration requires the re-creation of community and the promotion of sustainable economic growth. Daedalus' focus also contains elements of social responsibility and environmentally-sound practices. 

water and water systems


Water is among the most important commodities in humanitarian assistance, disaster response, and The Daedalus Foundation is among those organizations that is focused upon disaster response and long-range requirements for recovery and re-establishment of community.