The Daedalus Foundation was established as a non-profit, charitable organization in 1998.

The Foundation is recognized as a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization by he US Internal Revenue Service.



This COVID-19 pandemic has caused great humanitarian hardship in the world. People are lacking the mos essential need, food to survive. First World countries like Japan are facing for the first time, what third world countries face everyday, Food Insecurity. 
The DADALUS FOUNDATION created this initiative to support children and old people suffering from lack of food and medicine.

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The Daedalus Institute was formed under The Daedalus Foundation to permit and promote independent, high-quality research and study of issues that affect populations, especially those pertaining to humanitarian assistance, medicine, public health, nutrition, water, housing, poverty, and related social matters. 
The role of the Institute is to provide an objective, non-partisan platform for the study of those issues and, based upon the results, to make innovative, practical, action-oriented, and achievable recommendations.

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Descansa en casa

Rest At Home Project

The Daedalus Foundation, in cooperation with Intermediaciones Digitales S. De R.L., Tegucigalpa, Honduras, presents the Descansa en Casa (DEC) service to satisfy an unfulfilled requirement for repatriation of the remains of Latino migrants and immigrants whose deaths occur in the United States, Canada or any country in Central America.  DEC represents responsible decisions and a legacies of tranquility. 

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The leading edge initiative

Daedalus recently launched the Leading Edge Initiative as a humanitarian effort to provide support and assistance to former offenders integrating into the community.

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Welcome to The Daedalus Foundation

The Daedalus Foundation is an action-oriented, charitable organization that concentrates upon population-related matters. As our global population grows, many situations and events are greatly exaggerated by the absolute numbers of people involved. Daedalus has three primary mission areas: humanitarian assistance, disaster response, and poverty reduction. Those mission areas remain, but the activities of the Foundation have expanded to include formation of the Daedalus Institute, the Leading Edge Initiative, and the Descansa en Casa (Rest at Home) project. Please see the column on the left for addtional information.

Accomplishing objectives in Daedalus' areas of interest depends upon myriad factors including: disaster risk reducttion; enhanced disaster response preparedness; creation, maintainance, and restoration of community; and, sustainable, local economic growth.

UN.logo.gif Equally important in the accomplishment of humanitarian goals is the observance of humanitarian principles, The guiding principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence, adopted by the United Nations, form the basis for international humanitarian assistance. In addition to observing humanitarian principles, Daedalus adheres to strict ethical standards of conduct and transparency--both internally and externally.

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humanitarian assistance

Humanitarian assistance extends to a broad spectrum of activities directed at attempting to satisfy human needs—often under the most trying circumstances.

Those circumstances arise, most commonly, as a result of natural or human-induced events, or a combination of both, of sufficient magnitude to cause a breakdown in a society’s ability to meet the basic needs for food, water, shelter, and the health of its population.

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Disaster response


Events generating the need for humanitarian assistance can be either rapid onset, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and floods, or slow onset, such as drought and famine.

Those events may also be viewed as complex emergencies, wherein politico-military and socio-economic instability creates or compounds societal breakdown by adding safety and security concerns. Daedalus' care extends to all those who are affected by the entire range of circumstances and is dedicated to contributing to the alleviation of their plight.

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poverty reduction

Daedalus' interest in poverty reduction extends to all sectors, but is currently focused upon reduction in housing and water poverty.

Over one and a quarter billion people live in housing poverty. Daedalus Project's award-winning and patented polymer-composite technology provides the basis for reducing housing poverty in an environmentally-responsible manner by using the excesses of the haves to meet the needs of the have-nots. Daedalus' material is produced from recycled plastic.

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Water is the basis of life, and our stewardship of it will determine not only the quality but the staying power of human societies."

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